posted by Law Help on Aug 22

No one is exempt. There is no such thing as tax-free life. It’s a world where no one can enjoy without paying tax.  For individuals, income is charged while businesses pay more. As one earns more, tax also increases. As businesses operate and engage in various profitable activities, various taxes are to be paid. In the process, there will be occasions that tax payments may be understated or unintentionally omitted and not paid. The government has its tax enforcement team that review declarations and inspects returns and may find tax deficiencies. Accordingly, tax assessments will be made with corresponding penalties and surcharges. One may contest the assessment made with proper representation, e.i., a tax attorney.

It cannot be avoided that there will be occasions that a company will fail to adhere the provisions of the tax code and fail to comply the law and pay the correct amount of tax. In the process, the government, through the Internal Revenue Service as they go over company records and tax declarations may find tax deficiency or deductions that are not allowable. The enforcement team may disallow charges made by the company and therefore would result to under declaration of taxes. In this case the company needs the help of the tax attorney that will represent the interest of the client.

It is encouraged that businesses should have tax attorneys at hand for consultation especially to the legal impediments of different issues that may involve taxation. As business engagements get complicated, tax advisors play important role as they help companies in tax implications of the of various business decisions made.   Business operations got complicated as different transactions arise and companies get involved with dealings that may not know the tax consequences and eventually find itself in a situation that may adversely affect its financial condition.

Tax attorneys will represent the company in its dealings with the Internal Revenue Service. It will work as an advantage on the part of the company for its operations will not be affected and continue to operate as it is. The tax lawyer will facilitated all the legal requirements the company failed to do in the process. The company’s accountant will work hand in hand with the tax lawyer in matters relating to taxation. Accountants are skilled in the analysis and computation of taxes while lawyers  are in depth with the legal aspects.

It will be a great help for the company to have a tax attorney retained. At the end of the day, the company will be free from the hassles brought about by non-compliance of the tax law, tax deficiencies and other related matters. The cost to retain a tax attorney is far less and considered to be a great saving compared to the penalties and fines imposed by the Internal Revenue Service. The company will be guided through in its operations despite of the intricacies of its business dealings. In almost all of the transactions of the company taxation is synonymous and could not be avoided nor evaded but rather must be complied religiously and a tax attorney will do the job in keeping matters in order.

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