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posted by Legal Executive on Jun 24

The Fourth of July weekend is notorious for being the deadliest holiday in the U.S. It’s two days packed with accidents and DUI arrests, the numbers surpassing those of New Year’s and Christmas when road conditions are decidedly trickier. One reason is that most states put DUI law in full force during this period, anticipating the dangerous mix of out-of-town trips and heavy partying. A second, less obvious reason is that it drives people tend to take more risks, pushing the limits without knowing where they lie.

It’s not just about avoiding the legal blood alcohol content limit, according to Nick Alcock, a DUI lawyer in Phoenix. For instance, in Arizona one can get arrested for driving with the slightest impairment, even if they’re sober. Alcock says that around the Fourth of July, police patrolling the metro area will pull drivers over for minor violations and look them over thoroughly, watching out for tell-tale signs of impaired driving. This is all part of Arizona’s zero-tolerance law when it comes to DUI. Alcock offers these five tips for keeping your Fourth of July weekend arrest-free.

Check your car for problems. Broken tail-lights and a dent on the trunk may not hamper your driving, but it can catch the eye of the police. Even an innocent-looking bump can lead to a full-blown DUI investigation. Fix any minor problems, including registration issues and expired tags.

Avoid busy areas. Alcock warns local drivers to stay away from downtown Phoenix, especially at night and during public events. The same is true for other big and busy cities, where locals and tourists tend to crowd at the height of summer. Not only are there more people and bars; there are also more police on the lookout for suspicious-looking drivers.

Moderate your speed. This means not driving too fast, but not driving too slowly either. Both get in the way of traffic and are equally strong tip-offs for DUI. Drive naturally, the way you would to get to work, instead of actively trying to avoid police attention.

If you’re on medication, watch out for interactions. Some medications can react with alcohol and affect alcohol test results. Alcock says he’s had clients slapped with DUI cases although they’d only had a couple of drinks, because the prescription drugs they were taking didn’t go too well with the alcohol.

Ask to speak to a lawyer. Most people think the police call all the shots in a DUI investigation, but they can usually ask to be represented before agreeing to take any tests. A DUI attorney can better explain your rights and help you keep the damage to a minimum.

posted by Legal Executive on May 1

New legislations in Arizona aim to loosen up penalties for the state’s DUI offenders, shortening jail time and slashing by half the time they are required to use an ignition-interlock system, the Arizona Daily Star reported last week.

SB 1200 was put forward by Senators Steve Pierce (R-Prescott) and Linda Gray (R-Phoenix), and was sent to the governor’s office last week for signature. One of the goals, according to Pierce, to help keep drivers on the road.

Gray added that it was also in part to cut court expenses, as the reduced interlock time and sentences would lift some of the burden from taxpayers and lessen the consequences for first-time offenders. Jury trials would also be eliminated, according to the article.

Current policies are too harsh, according to Piece, and tend to damage lives and families. The changes would make DUI cases less grave while still giving offenders motivation to change for the better, he said.

Under the new law, first-time DUI offenders must attend a 16-hour driver education program and have the device calibrated by the Motor Vehicle Division every month in order to cut interlock time to six months. They must also refrain from driving when they have exceeded the DUI limit, and not be involved in road accidents during the period.

Advocacy group Mothers Against Drunk Driving said it would support the bill only the interlock period stayed at 12 months. Research shows that it takes drivers a full year to learn new habits, according to MADD program specialist Beverly Mason Biggers.

Supporters of the bill say the reduced time is meant to be an incentive for convicted DUI offenders to comply with the interlock requirement. According to Gray, only about 30% of drivers required to use the device actually have it installed.

The bill will also leave the currently mandatory 24-hour jail period for first offenders up to the judge’s discretion. This way, Gray said, resources would not be wasted on jury trials when decisions could be made sooner. The sentence for extreme DUI cases would also be reduced from 30 days to nine, and from 45 to 14 for super-extreme cases.

Defense lawyers are opposing the bill, saying it violates offenders’ right to a public trial in front of a jury of peers. Tucson attorney said they would “challenge it on constitutional grounds.” However, a 2005 decision ruled that jury trials are not necessary for offenses calling for less than six months in jail.

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Drivers have their responsibility that they need to fulfill. Everybody is aware of this fact by unfortunately not all are serious in following it. Although there are certain rules in driving, many are still hardheaded and keep on practicing driving after drinking alcohol. In fact they only realize that DUI is a serious crime once they are face with a law suit in which they need the help of DUI Attorneys. Since you have cause a serious accident which do not only affect you but also other people, you have to be prosecuted and the service of DUI Attorneys in your area will only be the help that you will need in order to handle your case properly.

Aside from paying for all the damages you cause on the accident to which you are fault; you are also required to pay monetary fines which will cost you too much money. You will also be doing community service depending on the given duration of the court and the request of DUI Attorneys to the court. The worst punishment that will be given to you is jail time. You surely do not want this to happen since you have work and hiring your DUI Attorneys will give you the chance to reduce your punishments. Your DUI Attorneys will also be the one responsible to present some facts in front of the court that you are ready to accept your fault. If your DUI Attorneys have convince the court, there is a possibility that you will be given lesser charges or DUI Attorneys can even help you dismiss your case.

DUI case is not an ordinary case because this can affect the rest of your life and also your driving career. It is written in the DUI law that you have to file a request for Administrative Hearing within 15 days from the time of your arrest with the help of DUI Attorneys. You need the help of DUI Attorneys in such condition because if you fail to file a request for Administrative Hearing, your driving privileges will be get from you fro a long time or even for the rest of your life. Thus you have to hire DUI Attorneys who can help you restrain your driving privileges as soon as possible or reduce the time of its suspension.

You can find local DUI Attorneys which can help you settle everything in your DUI case. But of course just like any other thing, you have to consider few things to make sure that you will be getting the best DUI Attorneys who can give you his service well in a less amount of money. You already paid a lot in settling the damages you have cause and so you want to save in hiring DUI Attorneys.

Well it is not really impossible for you to find affordable DUI Attorneys in your place as long as you have an access in the internet. There is a certain site which can help you in your search of affordable DUI Attorneys. In fact you have the opportunity to hire the finest and greatest DUI Attorneys regardless of the states you live. This is because the site has DUI Attorneys who are willing to study your case for free. The only requirement that you have to comply is to give your personal information and a brief description of your case which will be forwarded to DUI Attorneys in your place. Upon submitting your form, you can expect that some DUI Attorneys in your state will contact you for the consultation process.

There is no doubt that you can use the internet in everything you do. Now you cannot only use it finding some products you want to purchase but also in your search of affordable DUI Attorneys which can help you in your legal problem.

There is no doubt that you can use the internet in everything you do. Now you cannot only use it finding some products you want to purchase but also in your search of affordable DUI Attorneys which can help you in your legal problem.

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Fernand Dizon is a professional lawyer who is engaged in writing articles that revolve around the topic of legal issues such as the DWI or DUI cases. You can find most of the topics regarding his written works at this site:

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Driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) is a criminal offense in the United States. Any driver with a blood-alcohol concentration of over 0.08% (or 0.04% in the case of commercial drivers) is legally liable. This offense is usually considered a misdemeanor and is punishable by up to one year in jail. If, however, the defendant has been convicted for DUI many times or if he caused serious damage or injury, the conviction can be for more than a year. It is human to make mistakes, so it can happen to anyone to drink a few beers at a party and then drive their car. Should you find yourself in such a situation, however, you need the advice of one of the professional Memphis dui lawyers in order to avoid serious problems.

Having a good defense is essential when you are faced with a DUI prosecution, so be sure to be represented by experienced Memphis dui attorneys, who can handle the case properly. In the end, everything depends on lawyers, so it’s very important to choose wisely. Young people, especially, are tempted to drive while being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They defy the law and rebel against it, to prove their independence and free spirit. Unfortunately, the state laws have zero tolerance for juvenile rebellion. Driving under the influence can cost you your driving license, unless you are defended by one of the skilled Memphis dui lawyers.

Should you be implied in a DUI incident, don’t panic. The first thing you should do is to find out as much information about state laws and your legal rights as you can. Contact one of the Memphis dui lawyers to help you, or you can look it up on the Internet. Statistics show that about half a million Americans are involved in DUI-related car accidents, so there are many chances that you will need the assistance of Memphis dui attorneys at least once in your life. The unpleasant consequences of these incidents can be loss of driver’s license, substantial fines, incarceration or house arrests. The best way to avoid these problems is, of course, to refrain yourself from driving after you have drunk alcohol. If you couldn’t help it, the only solution is to hire competent Memphis dui attorneys.

What exactly can Memphis dui lawyers do for you? Depending on the circumstances, they can check the case for errors, have samples analyzed, suppress irrelevant evidence, contest the loss of driver license and diminish penalties. In other words, Memphis dui attorneys will do their best to keep you out of jail and make sure your license won’t be suspended. DUI lawyers have seen plenty of similar cases and know the right defense strategy. They can get you out of trouble or at least negotiate a considerably reduced sentence.

It is said that it’s better to prevent than to suppress, so our advice is to try to avoid driving under the influence. This way you will avoid not only penalties, but also serious damage to the others and yourself. However, having one beer is not the same thing as being completely drunk. Therefore the punishment should fit the offense. We should not focus on punishing the one who has made a mistake, but on avoiding such mistakes in the future.

By: Anne Tide

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Many people find themselves implied in driving under the influence related incidents and suffer unpleasant consequences such as suspension of driving license or even going to prison. Competent Memphis dui lawyers can get you out of trouble. It is essential to choose experienced and reliable Memphis dui attorneys to make sure you will benefit from the best legal defense.

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Arizona DUI laws carry severe penalties. Loss of your license is one of these penalties. Knowing the law can help you avoid additional problems.

Legal statutes governing DUI are intended to reduce the incidence of driving under the influence. Much like other states there are specific blood level limits for alcohol when driving.08%. Those convicted of DUI in Arizona can receive not only jail time, but also loss of driving privileges and required alcohol classes and testing To stay safe always remember: if you drink, don’t drive! Should the cops book you for DUI, then you should ask a qualified Tempe DUI Attorney to represent you.

In Arizona, the DUI Laws determine an individual DUI if they are driving or have physical control of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. If an arresting police officer has evidence that an individual was operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, the officer may test the driver.

After the individual is arrested, they must complete a test for blood alcohol – either the urine test or the breath test. If an individual will not subject himself to a blood alcohol level test his driver’s license can be taken away for a year or two depending on how many times it happens. Arizona’s laws concerning DUI indicate that after a first offense, you will be on probation for seven years if no second offense occur in that time. If you refuse to be tested, or if you fail to finish the test, this is legally seen as refusal.

The Arizona DUI law states that a person is considered to be driving under influence if they are proven to be under the control of alcohol while driving or in physical control of a motor vehicle. Arizona DUI laws permit the arresting officer to administer breath tests at the scene of the arrest. This test may be used at the trial. The administering officer must use a device approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles and must have department approval for administering the test. The officer should administer multiple tests. The test results should be within .02% of each other. The officer must follow the approved check list for administering the breath test. They must operate the device properly and see that it is properly maintained.

Arizona DUI laws carry severe penalties. Loss of your license is one of these penalties. Knowing the law can help you avoid additional problems. The best idea is don’t drink and get behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle.

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If you’re charged with a DUI in Arizona, it’s extremely important to speak with a professional Tempe DUI Attorney. Visit our site for additional information, and get a free evaluation.

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If you are a resident driver in Pennsylvania who has been caught and charged with a DUI case, getting yourself a competent DUI attorney Pennsylvania is one of the best actions that you could ever make.

A DUI attorney Pennsylvania is someone who is an expert defender of an accused DUI driver. Seeking legal advices from a DUI attorney Pennsylvania will be your best resort to help you be free from the major consequences that are brought upon by the said offense. This DUI attorney Pennsylvania will be your protector as you are facing the charges held against you by the law enforcers.

So how can you find all these DUI attorneys in Pennsylvania? Where can you get the services of the best DUI attorney Pennsylvania?

DUI attorney Pennsylvania can be easily found and contacted in the DUI attorney site in the said city. If you are charged with the said case, all you have to do is visit the site, enter some informations about you like your name, location and the DUI case that you are experiencing as of the moment and the operator from that site will direct you to a DUI attorney Pennsylvania that is assigned in your area who has chosen to advertise his name in the site where you have visited. That’s how easy it is. And then, you can immediately have a conversation with that DUI attorney Pennsylvania that you have chosen. Be very sure that you relay everything to this DUI attorney Pennsylvania for him to be able to make all the possibilities of helping you win your case. If this happens, you might be acquitted from the crime that you have committed or you may only face the minimal charges that will result from the offense that you have made.

DUI attorney Pennsylvania is very helpful for you when you encounter DUI cases. Nevertheless, be very certain that you know how to find ways on contacting one so you can be able to seek legal advice from him/her. A DUI attorney Pennsylvania is always ready to lend a hand to those who are facing these DUI trials and just by chance you are one of them, you can simply make your way to contact them. Visit a DUI attorney Pennsylvania site and go get the service of the best DUI attorney Pennsylvania to help you with your case.

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DUI laws are meant to serve the purpose of preventing drunk driving. In Arizona, the DUI laws set the legal limit for blood alcohol levels at .08%. The penalties for breaking Arizona DUI laws not only involve jail time, but will also result in the surrender of your license and most likely alcohol education and screenings. The best advice is don’t drink and drive, but in the event that you are charged with a DUI offense it’s recommend to call a professional Tempe DUI Attorney to review your case.

The DUI Laws in Arizona state that a person is considered to be driving under influence if they are proven to be under the control of alcohol while driving or in physical control of a motor vehicle. An individual may be tested if the arresting police officer had reasonable grounds to believe the individual was driving or in control of the motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

After the arrest the individual must the blood alcohol test, the breath test or the urine test. If they refuse to perform the test, their license or permit may be suspended or denied for twelve months on the first offense and up to two years for the second offense. Under Arizona DUI laws, the probation period between the first offense and the second offense remains in effect for seven years or eighty-four months. Failure to agree to take the test or unsuccessful completion of the test is constituted as refusal.

Arizona DUI laws restrict the blood alcohol content even more when the offender is driving a commercial vehicle. The levels in this case are .08 and .04 or higher. The offender will receive a 90 day suspension of their license. They will also be to complete alcohol and drug screens. An individual who is unconscious, or unable to perform the blood test is not considered to be refusing the test.

If a person refuses the test, this fact will be noted in the officer’s report to the Department of Motor Vehicles. A suspension will be order and will remain in effect for fifteen days. Surrender of their license or permit will take effect immediately. If the individual does not surrender their license, the report to the Department of Motor Vehicles will state the reason for the lack of surrender. The offender will be issued a temporary fifteen day permit until the time of their appearance in court. All the paperwork from the arrest will be forwarded to the Department of Motor Vehicles by the arresting officer. His report is subject to penalties for perjury. He cannot falsify the arrest record.

Arizona DUI laws permit the arresting officer to administer breath tests at the scene of the arrest. This test may be used at the trial. The administering officer must use a device approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles and must have department approval for administering the test. The officer should administer multiple tests. The test results should be within .02% of each other. The officer must follow the approved check list for administering the breath test. They must operate the device properly and see that it is properly maintained.

Arizona DUI laws carry severe penalties. Loss of your license is one of these penalties. Knowing the law can help you avoid additional problems. The best idea is don’t drink and get behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle.

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DUI Laws in Arizona are severe and if you’ve been charged with a DUI or DWI offense, then you need to contact a professional Tempe DUI attorney. We offer free consultations and will fight for your rights no matter what the situation.

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A DUI case is a very serious matter. Because most career options need a criminal background check, a DUI case not only has serious legal consequences, it also has the potential to ruin your future. Therefore, if you are charged with DUI, your top priority must be to look for a competent Seattle DUI attorney who can help you. Do not even think of representing yourself!

A good start to finding a reliable DUI attorney is to browse the Internet and prepare a list of a few attorneys in Seattle area who specialize in the field of DUI defense. So if you are a resident of Seattle, you can start by searching on “Seattle DUI Attorney” term and see what comes up in the search results.

 It is crucial for your DUI case that you look for a Seattle attorney who is an expert in DUI defense. There are a lot of great attorneys out there, but only some of them are experts in a particular field like DUI/DWI. DUI cases are a serious matter and you do not want to have an attorney who is not very good at defending cases like yours. To make out which one of these attorneys are specialist DUI lawyers, you should visit each attorney’s website and it will be easily evident to you if the attorney’s prime focus is DUI or something else.  If a lawyer’s website focuses on several areas of practice and DUI is just one of them, you may want to look somewhere else.

 Once you have made the initial list of expert Seattle DUI attorneys, it is time to look at their credentials like years of experience in the field of DUI, their education and background. The attorney must have spent a substantial part of her career dealing with DUI cases. You must look for client testimonials and seek out details about acquittals, dismissals, and reduction in charges this attorney has achieved in the past. See if they are members of any law community or organization dedicated to DUI law or cases. You should also see if they have any negative reviews on online legal forums and directories.


Some of these shortlisted expert DUI attorneys will offer you a 30 minute free legal consultation. This could be a great opportunity to analyze the attorney’s behavior before you choose to retain one of them. The attributes you should be looking for in a reliable DUI attorney are: their understanding of your legal requirements, their command over the legal situation you are in, and their motivation level to help you get justice. You must feel that the attorney is trustworthy and you must be comfortable in discussing your case with the attorney.


Finally, you must look at the costs involved in hiring the attorney you have in mind. The legal fees should not add to your existing troubles, and should be within your budget, so that you can focus on the case. With a little research and effort you should be able to find a competent Seattle DUI lattorney who is also affordable.


Selecting the right DUI attorney is serious business and you must make an informed decision as your future may depends on it.

By: Fern Herbert

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Fern Herbert is a DUI Attorney and owner of Herbert Law Offices . She is a former prosecutor and DUI defense lawyer.

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A top criminal attorney or dui attorney is always in demand. Further, such an attorney who offers free telephone consultations is a most valuable commodity. However, I have heard countless complaints from good people perplexed at the fact that such an attorney is not returning their calls for assistance. Why  is this attorney not calling me back they ask? Usually you can count on these mistakes people make when calling such a criminal or dui attorney for not having their legal questions answered.

1.) “My boyfriend wanted to know.” If your boyfriend or girlfriend was in urgent need of legal assistance it would be they who would be seeking your assistance. What if the boyfriend is in jail and cannot call? A criminal defense  attorney offering free legal services over the phone does not do it because they are Mother Theresa, but because they do not want the impediment of cost preventing a potential paying client from making a call to you.  If a person is unfortunately is in jail, they usually do not have the financial resources to bond out of jail, much less retain a criminal defense lawyer. For such individuals a public defender is usually the best alternative for legal assistance.

2.) “I’m shopping around for a criminal attorney or dui lawyer, please call me.”  Someone leaving such a message is sending the signal that cost and not quality of legal representation is what is important to them. For a criminal defense attorney or dui  attorney in demand, such a caller is not a priority as such an individual will usually fall for false promises of one willing to take whatever money you will give them only to without fail be disappointed later.

3.) “I’m calling for a free consultation.” As stated earlier a top criminal defense lawyer or dui lawyer only has so many hours in the day to assist good people needing legal assistance. Although  free legal assistance is offered, it is offered so as not to prevent a prospective paying client from calling, not as a public service to be available for all in need.

By: Gregg Stark

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Need help from an Indiana Criminal Defense Attorney? Learn more about Inidiana DUI laws and get the representation you deserve at

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If you are charged with DUI in Minnesota and seek attorney to fight your case the first question that strikes your mind is how to know which Minnesota DUI Attorney or Minnesota DUI Attorney Firm is best to choose.


There may be many questions that you need answers to. Like, how do you figure out if you at all need to hire a lawyer under your situation, if you do, what is the right time to contact a lawyer? Next question – what difference does it make to hire a Minnesota DUI Attorney Firm who knows the specific issues in my type of case? And lastly how should you go about finding an exert Minnesota DUI Attorney who concentrates specifically on your type of cases.  You have to understand that deciding to hire a Minnesota DUI Attorney is an important decision -a decision that only you have to take for yourself. We have listed down some important facts related to choosing your Minnesota DUI Attorney firm. We hope it will help you in choosing the right guy for the job.

Please understand and be clear about one thing – that pleading guilty before the court can cost a lot more than hiring a Minnesota DUI lawyer. As you weigh the cost of pleading guilty and all the future costs that come with it, against the cost of hiring a Minnesota DUI lawyer, you will realize that hiring an established, accomplished and experienced Minnesota DUI attorney is an investment in your future.

There are several long term consequences to pleading guilty to a DUI, including having to divulge to every potential employer all your life that you were convicted of a serious crime and pay an increased insurance premium because of it. If you finding out about all consequences that are there that you may have to face in future, then you will certainly consider consulting a Minnesota DUI lawyer. Someone, who will help you fight and get you a fair and deserved justice.

If you are in the process of choosing your Minnesota DUI attorney or attorney firm, do not delay it under any circumstances. You have to understand that the sooner you can find and bring a capable Minnesota DUI lawyer on board, the sooner the process can start. That much sooner the lawyer begins to gather the evidence and starts weighing the facts that are in your favor against the State’s case and starts to prepare your defense.

Hiring an experienced Minnesota DUI lawyer is an investment that you are making for your future. So don’t treat the fee as cost. Another important thing to keep in mind is that not all Minnesota DUI lawyers cost the same. They all charge what they consider as an appropriate fee for the level of his or her experience. Therefore while you are choosing your Minnesota DUI lawyer, do not hesitate to ask the lawyer what will be his charges to represent you.

Last but the most important point- You need to have a certain comfort level with your lawyer. Your relationship with your lawyer can make or break your case. You have to be certain that your Minnesota DUI lawyer listens to you and understands your concerns and goals. If you keep the above points in mind while choosing your Minnesota DUI Attorney, Minnesota DUI Attorney Firm, you will be able to get yourself the best possible justice.

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For expert consultancy and immediate help, contact Minnesota DUI Attorney team.